Application/Interview & Training

To be eligible to apply for the BP Student Tutoring Scheme you must attend an Information session, normally held mid October at North East of Scotland College. At this session you will hear from previous schools and tutors involved in the scheme.

Those who attend will be emailed an application form which allows you to indicate your suitability and motivation to be a tutor. This is a competitive process so time and effort should be given to selling yourself and proving you are an ideal candidate for the scheme.

If successful you will be invited to an interview within your institution to further determine your suitability, answer any queries you may have and allow you to state your three preferences from the list of available placements.

Those who impress at the interview and who can be matched to placements available thereafter attend a Briefing Session in November at which you are advised of your placement, provided with key documents and learn about Child Protection and other school guidelines.