Benefits & Timeline

Benefits to Schools

The scheme benefits both schools and the student tutors. Pupils meet students from higher and further education who may inspire them to consider their future life and career options. The teacher benefits by having another adult in the classroom, an ‘extra pair of hands’. As tutors work directly with pupils, they gain more adult attention and the teacher has more time to work with individuals or groups as necessary.

Specialist input can be helpful, for example a sports student supporting pupils to work towards a Sports Leaders course or science student supporting a class towards a PQSM award. Students with language skills can be helpful in the delivery and assessment of Modern Foreign languages. Art students can assist with art portfolio preparation or by sharing expertise in areas such as animation or photography. Social and humanities subject areas can benefit from students who have recently undertaken or are studying these areas in pupil project work or revision.

“The BP Tutor is a welcome addition to the class and refreshes the teacher and the pupils at a difficult time in the academic year.”

“Our pupils loved the input from the students. Both had great professional relationships with the learners and staff. One of the students wishes to come back to deliver a workshop for Advanced Higher pupils.”

“Helped to support in a multi-composite class.  This meant that less able could be supported by the tutor when the teacher was with the rest and that the rest could be supported by the tutor when the teacher was with the less able group. Her help was invaluable.”

“Pupils have benefited from the opportunities in French given by the BP tutor. She was able to assist in all the different areas of language learning. She worked effectively with the class and is well liked.”

“Tutor was an extra set of hands which is always useful at Early Stages. The nursery setting is very busy and we appreciate any extra support which also allows some pupils more individual attention.”

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