Co-ordination of Tutors

Co-ordination of bp student tutors in school

An ‘Invitation to Participate’ letter and participation form is mailed via key Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City contacts to all respective primary and secondary schools usually following the school summer break.

Each school has or should identify a ‘Link Teacher’ who co-ordinates any Student Tutors within their school. The Link Teacher is normally, but not exclusively, a member of the school Senior Management Team.

A discussion should take place within school as to whether tutors would be of benefit and if there is a willingness to guide and support them. Careful consideration should be given to the days/times when tutors would best fit into the school week, in which subject areas and for which teachers/classes. It is ideal if schools can be flexible as many are requesting tutors ‘any day/any time’ as this allows students to work more readily around their busy timetable.

These key details should be clearly noted on the participation form and returned by the deadline, which is normally by the end of September. Following a thorough selection process, students are carefully matched to the placements available based on their preference for primary or secondary education, availability, subject specialisms, skills and interests. Schools are usually notified in January of their allocated tutor(s).