Commitment & Timeline

Why get involved?

Students participate in the bp Student Tutoring Scheme for many reasons; including developing key skills/improving their CV, getting involved in their local community, gaining work experience and having fun. Ultimately whilst no prior experience of working with children is necessary, a genuine desire to work with children and young people is essential. Many previous tutors have considered teaching as a career option thus the scheme provides a useful ‘taster’ of this profession. All schools involved have requested one or more tutors and teachers and pupils alike will be delighted to have your input and support within the classroom. A ‘Learning Log’ is provided which you can complete if you wish to keep a record of progress. All hours gained on the scheme can be counted towards institutional and national voluntary award schemes.

What is involved?

Tutoring places are available in a number of primary and secondary schools in both Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. You don’t need any specialist skills or knowledge to tutor at a primary school but if helps if you can specify a particular interest e.g. music, art or PE. Your subject knowledge is of more importance at secondary level, whether the subject you are studying at college or university or one that you are proficient in e.g. science.

As a tutor you are there to support the classroom teacher, whether working with individuals or groups or the full class and ultimately you will act as a positive role model, increasing pupils’ aspirations and motivation to stay on in education and training. You will not be left on your own in class, nor be expected to discipline pupils. See tutor video diaries for further insight as to what is involved in the classroom.

Your time commitment is one half day per week over an eight week block between the end of January/start of February and the end of March. We ask that you make a commitment to the full eight weeks in order to develop good relations with pupils and school staff. Please think carefully about this before you apply, particularly if you are a final year or postgraduate student.

See the ‘Awards Ceremony’ section for how we recognise your efforts on the scheme.

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