The Link/Class teacher of each participating school is asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of the student placements. Feedback is invaluable to ascertain the scheme is fulfilling its objectives; that the administration/operation of the scheme is effective; that tutors are suitably equipped in terms of skills/knowledge and attitude and that overall they are making a positive impact on pupils within the classroom. Schools that complete the survey are awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’ personally signed by the respective Director of Education.

See Benefits to schools for comments made by schools in 2014-15.

Pupil opinion is also extremely important; the scheme exists for their benefit. Therefore a number of school visits were undertaken in 2013 and 2014 during which pupil’s views were sought and additionally in 2015 via the ‘Video Diary Project’ pupil’s views were captured, all of which can be seen within the ‘Videos’ section.