Placement Guidelines


Prior to placement commencing a brief induction should be provided to tutors by each Link Teacher concerning; school layout, etiquette and policies (Health and Safety, Fire safety, Discipline and Child Protection). Thereafter on a weekly basis an Attendence Sheet must be signed by the Classroom Teacher, alongside comments to acknowledge the work done by the tutor, allowing them to chart their progress.

Key factors to consider:

All Student Tutors are screened through the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme prior to starting their placement; however tutors should not in any circumstances be left on their own with a class.

Tutors work directly with pupils under the supervision of a classroom teacher at all times. Tutors are neither probationary teachers nor student teachers, and therefore tutors should never be given sole responsibility for a cohort of pupils at any time, nor expected to discipline pupils. Teachers and tutors will gain the most benefit from the scheme if the following points are observed:

  • The tutor works with the teacher and pupils over a period of 8 weeks. This continuity enables the tutor to develop a relationship with the teacher and pupils and allows mutual trust and confidence to develop. It is therefore important that pupils have a regular timetable and are working with their normal teacher when the tutor is present.
  • Before commencing their 8 week placement, the student tutor and classroom teacher should meet to discuss possible activities which the tutor could be involved with, taking into account the aims and preferences of both the tutor and teacher, and the abilities of the tutor.
  • The tutor should be introduced to the pupils in order to explain that the tutor is a current University/College student and that they are there to help the pupils. The introduction might also refer to the subject that the student is studying, in order that he/she can share their academic experience.
  • The classroom teacher should consider how best to use the tutor in the classroom and perhaps identify a cohort of pupils that would benefit from having a student tutor over a period of weeks within the classroom.
  • Please try to ensure that the tutor is involved in the activity of the class so that the tutoring experience is more than simply observing the classroom teacher and pupils from the back of the classroom.
  • While most tutors would be pleased to help out in an emergency, they should not be used routinely for secretarial tasks, such as photocopying

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