PVG & Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will be reimbursed so long as you have proof of travel to school and if you are incurring costs additional to your normal college or university costs. Bus and train fares are reimbursed, not taxis, and tickets/receipts must be provided. Car mileage is also reimbursed so a record of miles must be kept. Each time you tutor your teacher will sign your ‘Weekly Attendance Sheet’. On satisfactory submission of this at the end of placement a cheque for travel expenses will be issued.

It is mandatory that all adults who work with children become of a member of the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) Scheme, and the local authorities involved in Student Tutoring require Student Tutors to be members. The cost to join the PVG scheme is £59 and we ask that students pay this individually as you will have ownership of your own record, which can then be accessed for other voluntary or paid opportunities. If you already have a PVG record you will require an update costing £18. Further details will be given during the Information Sessions.