Tutor Commitment

Tutors have the opportunity to develop and practice a range of transferable skills, such as communication, time management and organisational skills. They enjoy and have an aptitude for working with children and are keen to contribute within the local community.

Many students who participate in the scheme do so to gain classroom experience to affirm whether they wish to progress to a teaching career, subsequently benefitting their PGDE Primary or Secondary application/interview should they follow this path.

International students are keen to participate in the scheme to share their own educational experiences and to learn more about the Scottish education system and meet local pupils.

“Thus far all the students have been very keen and willing to work with the pupils.  So much so that my present student will be giving two full lessons that she has developed, to a first year class.  I have to say I am very impressed with the level of commitment shown by this particular student.”

“BP Tutors are flexible and able to ‘go with the flow’ to help in any way they can. They are aware of the issues which arise in secondary schools in the term before exams.”

“Each class has its own demands and Tutors are very flexible to take on board what needs to be done.”

“The tutor had an excellent understanding of the working of a classroom. She was eager to help and had a very positive attitude towards everything she was asked to do.”

“We have been very fortunate with the calibre of tutors that have been placed with us. They appear to understand their role and responsibilities, but have also shown initiative when given the opportunity.”