Tutor Selection Process & Training

Application and Interview

Students who are interested in being a BP Student Tutor must initially attend a compulsory Information Session in order to subsequently apply for the scheme. Thereafter on the application form and during the interview with respective University and College staff, students are asked to demonstrate their experience and abilities, motivation for the scheme and what they hope to gain from it.

Successful tutors are then matched to placements according to their preference for primary or secondary school, and their sustainability in accordance with the subjects they are studying and previous skills and experience. Application details are shared with their allocated school prior to placement.


Tutors attend a training session late November to equip them for their allocated placement, details of which are handed to them at the event. The training covers all key aspects of the scheme, allowing them to hear first-hand experience of the scheme from a school classroom or link teacher and from previous tutors, work through a ‘hopes and fears’ exercise to address anxieties that they may have and gain guidance from a Child Protection expert from Aberdeenshire Council, as quoted below.

“The work that we do to protect children is probably the most important thing that we do for them. Everything else gets built on that. By keeping this uppermost in our minds, we give children and young people the best chance to be confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners and responsible citizens.”
– Neil Smillie, Strategic Development Officer

A ‘Code of Conduct’ is signed by each tutor at this event which emphasises that students introduce themselves professionally to their school, that they will arrive each week on time and be appropriately presented, become familiar with school rules and policies, be aware of their ‘virtual footprint’ and ensure that if they agree to undertake preparatory work they do so.

A lanyard identifying students as a “BP Student Tutor” is handed to each student to wear on placement.