Are you interested in:Heather Walker

  • Undertaking voluntary work with children from local schools?
  • Doing something worthwhile?
  • Developing confidence?
  • Enhancing you CV?

Why do it?

Students tell us they have participated in student tutoring for many reasons, including improving their CV, gaining work experience and for fun. Their feedback tells us that they gain confidence and enhance their employability skills in communication, presentation and time management from the experience, useful for any future career.

How much time does it take?

Tutors spend one morning or one afternoon per week in school for a period of eight weeks, between February – end of April/early May. Your institution asks you to make a commitment for the full eight weeks in order to develop good relations with pupils and school staff. Student tutors must complete an attendance form which should be signed weekly by the classroom teacher.

Do I have to have previous experience of working with children?

Previous experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm and a genuine desire to work with children and young people is essential.

Will I get any training?

There will be a training evening which you must attend to enable you to take part in the scheme. This meeting will give you the opportunity to meet other scheme participants and former tutors will share their experiences. This is your chance to ask questions!

Primary or Secondary schools?

Tutoring places are available in a number of primary and secondary schools in both the city and Aberdeenshire. On the application form you will be asked to choose whether you want to tutor in a primary or secondary school.

If you want to tutor at a secondary school, then you can choose what kind of subject you are interested to work in, normally the subject you are currently studying at University. However, if you want to tutor in a different subject, you can do so provided you can prove that you are proficient in it, e.g. music.

You don’t need to have any specialist skills or knowledge to tutor at a primary school but it helps if you can specify any particular interests e.g. music, drama, physical activities.